Same-Sex Marriage

same-sex marriageSame-sex marriages have been legal in the state of New York since 2011 when the Marriage Equality Act was passed by the New York State Legislature. As a result of this legislation, same-sex marriage has been on the rise in New York. However, as same sex marriages season over time, just like any other marriage, the divorce rate is also climbing . Therefore, as cases are decided, the laws are evolving each and every day. When same-sex spouses get divorced, the proceedings are nearly identical to that of any other marriage. If you have found yourself in a position where a marriage is not working out, our attorneys can help you navigate the process of divorce. Our firm can help resolve issues of equitable distribution, spousal support or maintenance, child support, child custody, access or visitation, and parenting schedules. Our firm has the experience and skills necessary to help you negotiate a separation or settlement agreement resolving these issues or litigate should that be necessary. Mr. Seidner is also the author of an article published in 2017 in The Nassau Lawyer educating the profession about the case law defining a “parent” in same sex relationships where there are more than two parents. We are proud to have represented same-sex clients for years and hope that we will continue to be a trusted resource for the community for years to come.