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Medicaid is a state and federal program for seniors that acts like an insurance program for long-term community or institutional care. According to the AARP, approximately 70% of Americans will need some type of long-term care, and nursing homes could cost around $12,000-14,000 per month in New York. Most people cannot afford $150,000+ per year for nursing home care alone. However, qualifying for Medicaid is a very complicated process (even if the applicant is already eligible) and the laws are often changing. Indeed, this is an area of law that most attorneys do not want to practice due to the level of complexity and associated risks.

At the Law Offices of Seidner & Associates, PC our New York Medicaid attorneys can evaluate your current medical, financial, and family situation in order to come up with a Medicaid plan that best suits your needs. It is always best to create a plan in advance so that there is greater ease in obtaining Medicaid later on when it is needed without forfeiting any of your assets to satisfy the late-planning penalty. However, our firm is also highly experienced in dealing with urgent situations when moving assets and qualifying for Medicaid is an immediate necessity. We utilize trusts, asset transfers, life estates, loan and note programs, legal transfer exemptions and other methods to protect your assets from being drained in the event you or a loved one needs long term care.

Medicaid planning and the Medicaid application process itself is a confusing and stressful procedure. However, our experienced and caring New York Medicaid attorneys and dedicated staff can often obtain results that exceed all client expectations. In fact, Mr. Seidner teaches other attorneys Medicaid Planning through Continuing Legal Education. You can take comfort in knowing that we will handle your case in the best possible way so that you can focus on all of the non-legal issues.


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