The Seidner & Associates staff at all times proved to be responsive, competent, and skilled in their field, knowledgeable with respect to responding to questions, and most importantly, the staff demonstrated a willingness to listen carefully to the need.

I strongly and enthusiastically endorse The Seidner & Associates, PC Attorneys at Law . I can truly say that the help Matthew Seidner and his team give to my friend Mr. Williams was priceless. In consulting with Mr. Seidner by mail and phone at the beginning, we were able to freely and openly communicate with his team. This made us the client feel very comfortable and secure under the unique circumstances that they were capable to help with our case.

He was always available to take calls or respond to emails within a reasonable timeframe. I can assure you that I will retain his firm if I ever need legal representation. Thank you once again for your assistance in handling my friend Mr. Williams case. As I looked on throughout the nine days of the process, I cannot believe my good fortune in finding you to represent him. You possess all of the assets necessary for success—honor, dignity, and sincerity! A dedication to the task before you.

-Cheryl R

I could not go to sleep tonight without letting you know how impressive you were in court today. I am still in awe. Thank you for believing in me and recognizing the values of love, commitment and dedication that are inherent in my relentless pursuit to find my kids. It is a leap of faith coupled with grit and determination that I am here to defend my rights to my children. I realize very well that this case is engaging much more time and resources than we would have cared for but I refuse and will not allow money to be a deciding factor on whether I continue or stop. I am prepared to utilize all my savings and sell all my assets if that become necessary to fight for my children. Again I want to compliment you for an excellent job. Despite being grief stricken I enjoy working every step of the way with you. The professionalism and dedication of you and your team is truly remarkable. Please give my kind regards to your team.

-Selwyn W

He was the only one I felt listened to what I had to say. It was more than a legal matter that needed to be solved. I was a person with something to say.

Matthew saved my family. I was a single mom living in Florida with two small boys when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. With a quick response to the news I sent my two children to stay with their grandmother in New York so that I could seek treatment. After a few of the worst months of my life, I was a survivor! I immediately called to get my boys back home. After relocating to New York their father thought this is where they should stay. The brain tumor was easy compared to the fact that I was now states away from my boys and their father was refusing to bring them home.

I had to get help. I could not do this alone. I had spoken to several lawyers before reaching Matthew. Right away Matt had me in court with visitation, phone calls, and a way back to my boys. The months leading up to trial were such an emotional time for myself and my family. The boys and I were in total distress. Matthew and his team were always there for me. At last I had my day in court. Matthew was knowledgeable, prepared, and had a successful plan for a resolution. It was a hard battle but I was on the winning team. We had complete victory. The boys were back in my custody. To say that I could not do this with out Matthew is an understatement. I put the trust of my family in his hands and he won the best possible future for my boys.

I’ve only had to hire one Lawyer in my lifetime and Matthew was the one to hire. He didn’t just do a job, he changed out lives forever.

-Kelly M

The Medicaid process is overwhelming and complicated, but the team at Seidner & Associates made the process easier to understand; communicated throughout the process; and were very responsive and knowledgeable to questions asked. I can’t imagine having to get through this process without such expertise.

-Kim S

Within minutes of meeting Mr. Seidner I had hope for the first time in months. His caring ways made you feel like family. When I came to Seidner & Associates, I was at my lowest point, and felt I had nowhere to turn. His staff is always willing and happy to speak with you and answer any questions. They are the best. You will never find better. When all is said and done I will definitely miss them all.

-Diane D

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