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How Much Will Divorce Cost? Financial Considerations with Seidner Law

One of the first questions that troubles many people when beginning the divorce process is the potential cost. Families may have friends or relatives who have been involved in highly contentious and extremely expensive divorces in the past and want to know how much they should budget for their own. However, each case is different and thus cost is extremely difficult to estimate. As cost will ultimately be based upon a number of factors that are involved, our firm seeks to give someone the assistance they need as affordably as possible while always priding ourselves on quality work product. At The Law Offices of Seidner & Associates, P.C., our experienced attorneys sit down for a complementary initial consultation with potential clients to discuss and assess the circumstances surrounding their divorce in order to gauge the complexity of their case and discuss fees. Our firm strives to maintain a balance between effective representation and value.

Cost will ultimately be based upon a number of factors that may unfold as the divorce progresses. In general, the number and age of children involved, a couple’s financial and employment situation, the more assets a couple might have, and the length of the marriage can all have an impact on the cost of a divorce. A young couple who has only been married for a year, has no children, and does not own a home, will generally pay less for a divorce having nothing to litigate. An affluent couple in a long-term marriage of 25 years who has children under the age of 21 and owns several properties and small business(es), will likely have a more involved and costly divorce since there is more to resolve.

How contentious a particular divorce might be also carries great weight on the economics of a divorce. When couples are able to amicably decide potentially complicated issues like child custody, visitation, support for children and/or spouses, property division, etc., a case will demand less billable hours than one in which a judge is forced to decide the parties’ fate. Our highly experienced attorneys assist our clients in this process and often help to foster a mutually agreeable settlement between parties who did not enter into the divorce with an initial meeting of the minds. However, should a case require complex litigation, numerous court appearances, motion practice, expert testimony, etc., our firm is ready, willing, able and prepared to handle the litigation.

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