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Seidner Law Accomplishments

After completing a 45-day trial successfully representing the father in a custody modification matter in Nassau Supreme Court wherein custody of the two children was changed from the mother to the father, resulting in a published decision, the firm next successfully defended the father in five concurrent appeals brought by the mother, and finally obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars of counsel fees awarded against the mother for having to sue based upon the parties former divorce agreement.

Client obtained powerful Temporary Restraining Orders requiring the father to maintain 100% of all carrying costs on an expensive home on the North Shore as well as temporary maintenance and other financial relief, obtained a stay-away Order of Protection against the father which was then converted into exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence, and then successfully obtained a Court Decision and Order modifying the pendente lite motion to add child support after the father was out of the home.

Firm was granted permission by Justice in Nassau Supreme Court to represent client only days before trial was scheduled to begin and was granted an adjournment of trial and on day trial would have otherwise started, successfully negotiated a resolution to an extremely contentious custody dispute.

Firm successfully negotiated extremely large marital waste claim asserted by wife against husband who used exorbitant amount of marital funds to start a business, without disclosing same to wife, and lost millions of dollars in extremely short period of time in venture that husband had absolutely no experience dealing with making his so-called investment tantamount to a gamble that dissipated joint assets.

Firm obtained TRO of emergency maintenance for wife whose husband would otherwise be incarcerated by time underlying motion would be decided.

Receive multiple dismissals of multiple appeals filed by father against mother in Appellate Court.

Obtain Order from Family Court modifying prior successful Decision and Order on behalf of client after father filed frivolous violation petition that was otherwise withdrawn by father before being denied.

Successfully obtained emergency injunction stopping the threatened removal from the US by the father of children to a non-Hauge Convention member country

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