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Recent Firm Accomplishments

Firm successfully persuaded ACS/CPS of New York County and Nassau County to drop charges against our client that were maliciously and falsely filed by the spouse and the spouse’s mother.

The Firm successfully obtained a stay and vacatur of a judgment of divorce obtained by fraud.

After extensive motion practice, our client received a large monetary award toward legal fees.

After successfully litigating a change in custody in favor of the father, our client was awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fee reimbursement as required in the separation agreement in the event either party violated the agreement.

Successfully argued to impute income to a nonearning spouse based on her potential earning capacity and proofs of exorbitant spending and money gifted by relatives and friends.

The Firm successfully argued against opposing counsel’s claim that he was entitled a decedent’s medical and financial records when the underlying lawsuit was regarding an alleged breach of fiduciary responsibility.

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