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Recent Firm Accomplishments

In highly contentious matrimonial matter, where Defendant was believing that she was doing poorly in the case, her counsels attempted to obtain a dismissal of the action, enormous attorneys fees, and other relief.  Our client opposed.  Court ruled entirely in our client’s favor, entirely against the Defendant, and awarded our law firm several thousand dollars …


The firm, representing a guardian/attorney, filed for partial summary judgment to declare assets of a ward to be separate property after opposing counsel refused to agree in context of contentious matrimonial matter in Nassau Supreme Court.  Court ruled in favor of the firm and declared partial summary judgment of separate property.
Successfully negotiated and settled a complex divorce matter where the parties agreed to joint residential custody and father agreed to pay child support as he was the more-monied spouse as compared to our client.
Successfully settled a divorce matter where a point of contention was “custody” of a pet dog.
During the Corvid-19 pandemic, our office, following the safety and health guidelines issued by the state and Governor Cuomo’s executive orders, prepared and remotely executed Advanced Directives and Last Wills and Testaments on behalf of our clients.
Completed a prenuptial agreement with respect to family’s substantial net worth in excess of $1 billion dollars in separate property assets.
Surrogate Court ordered individual evading service to appear in court to be personally served in presence of the Judge in Nassau County.
After having obtained a favorable pendente lite order for our client which husband continued to violate, Supreme Court issued a more restrictive order requiring proof of timely payment to be made directly to the court each month.
Obtained order of protection for client who retained remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic by utilizing the emergency protocols for remote access to Family Court Judges.
Settled a complicated Suffolk County matrimonial matter where father engaged in drug use and abusive behaviors with custody going to the mother, including having an order of protection in favor of the daughter and valuing a cash business that maintained no records.
Obtained emergency temporary restraining order where mother was flight risk to China with infant child, court also ordered that we take possession of the baby’s passport.
After taking over the case from prior counsel’s firm near the trial date and close of discovery, we were able to retain local counsel in Arizona for subpoena purposes in order to locate substantially more assets maintained but not disclosed by husband.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, mother baselessly refused to allow father to see child for 6 weeks. Upon our providing notice that, upon taking over the case from prior counsel, we were immediately invoking the emergency application protocols at Nassau County Supreme Court, the mother agreed to a set schedule recognizing the father’s parental rights.
After trying estate litigation case before the jury, we made an application for a directed verdict which was granted on the issue of intentional infliction of emotional distress and we successfully obtained mortgage foreclosure in Suffolk County Supreme Court in multi-year estate litigation. We also defeated attempts by opposing side to stay the trial from …


Settled a complicated divorce action on the eve of trial with residential custody to our client based upon our client being the primary caregiver and the husband’s prior drug use and other disturbing parental behavior.
Successfully enforced Order resulting in a Judge in Nassau County Family Court incarcerating father for his refusal to pay over $90,000.00 in child support arrears.
Obtained emergency child support and counsel fees for our client. Husband (an attorney) was unsuccessful in his motion to renew and reargue.
Successfully blocked attempt by opposing counsel to obtain a stay of court’s decision pending appeal in the Appellate Division Second Department.
Father obtained sole legal and residential custody of two children after a lengthy hearing in Nassau Supreme Court where it was determined that the mother’s deliberate interference with the father’s parenting time constituted a substantial change in circumstances warranting a modification of the existing custody order where the mother had custody on consent. It was …


Our client was awarded full Letters Testamentary by Nassau Surrogate Court on behalf of her late husband’s estate after the opposing party’s written objections were found to be invalid in contentious contest.
Nassau County Supreme Court granted our motion to dismiss opposing party’s complaint due to their failure to establish that changes to an annuity policy were procured by undue influence.
Supreme Court denied opposing side’s motion seeking pendente lite maintenance and counsel fees where we proved that opposing party’s motion was facially defective.      

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