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Recent Firm Accomplishments

After husband refused to voluntarily produce financial documents, the firm issued countless subpoenas and located hundreds of thousands of dollars of which half was awarded to our client but was previously unknown to exist.

Obtained physical custody for mother on the eve of trial by establishing that the father would lose in light of his history of domestic abuse and being absent from the child’s life and that if trial was to proceed, his potential financial misdeeds, including potential tax evasion, would be brought before the judge.

Obtained a modification of a prior custody order by achieving custody of teenage boy for our client, the father, and joint custody of the younger child. Also handled modification of the child support obligation in favor of our client.

After filing a Motion to Dismiss a Family Offense Petition brought against our client, the Petitioner withdrew the meritless petition rather than litigating a case where losing was inevitable thereby saving our client substantial counsel fees and aggravation.

Obtained permanent stay-away Order of Protection against a mother who was repeatedly indicated by CPS without a trial obviating the children’s need to testify against their mother yet securing all of the possible benefits for our client.

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