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Often times a married couple will seek a divorce without the burden and cost of court intervention. When the parties can work together to sort out issues of equitable distribution, maintenance, child support, child custody and other related matters, an uncontested divorce may be the most effective route.

In these cases, our experienced uncontested divorce attorneys at Seidner & Associates will zealously negotiate the terms of a settlement agreement on our client’s behalf with the opposing party until each issue is ironed out. Proper drafting and attention to detail reduces the possibility for future disputes. We take pride in ensuring that each client has a complete understanding of his or her separation agreement.

After a separation agreement has been executed, the next step is to prepare the Uncontested Divorce Packet, which is required by all New York State Courts. Our firm efficiently prepares all required forms and documents and submits the same to the Court in a timely fashion. Once the judge signs the Judgment of Divorce and it is entered with the County Clerk, the divorce process is complete.

It is our goal to negotiate the terms of your divorce with your best interests in mind and with the hope that each party can remain amicable. Our attorneys handle uncontested divorces on a daily basis and we take pride in knowing that our clients feel comfortable working so closely with us to obtain their desired results. We are confident that your uncontested divorce matter will be a success.


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