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Pat F.

Attorney Matt Seidner handled the drawing up of legal papers that would protect my wife and I from losing our home and other financial assets to the State or to creditors as we get older, and that would also protect these assets for our children. For most lay people understanding of the law and the seemingly complicated terms in laws, some of them archaic phrases that few people understand are things only understood by lawyers. Mr. Seidner had a initial conference with us in his office, and then later when we had more questions he set up a phone conference with us from our home. Through every step of the legal process he made sure we understood the different laws pertaining to our situation, and he was very patient as he did it. He has a very talented knowledge of interpreting the law and putting it into everyday language. We felt very relaxed through the whole process, which meant a lot to us.

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Vasiliki K.

I hired Mr. Seidner in 2017 to represent me in the matter of child support following my divorce. He was always very professional, attentive, supportive and kept me informed immediately throughout the case. He was always interested in finding a resolution that would be in my family’s best interest and always made himself available if I had any questions or concerns. He and his affiliates were always there to guide me through anything I needed or had any concern about.

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Elisa B.

We retained Seidner and Associates to assist us in obtaining Medicaid for a family member. From the start they provided us with the right information and were able to swiftly help us navigate through what can be a very difficult process. Aside from her professionalism and hard work, Lisa Bergman was so kind and caring. We would highly recommend Seidner and Associates to anyone!

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Rich H.

Throughout the whole process I felt confident that I choose the right attorney. Matthew S. Seidner’s professionalism and expertise were of invaluable help and support to me during my divorce process. My intention was to pursue an amicable divorce and Matthew was clear in his respect and support of that intent. During the entire process, his office staff was welcoming and responsive to my calls and questions in a positive and supportive way. When my emotions were running high, they brought a calm and measured approach that made me feel supported and understood. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for making my divorce process as stress free as possible. What mattered the most to me is that Matthew understood the need for my family to come out of this divorce with the least amount of damage possible for the sake of my children, with that being said I would not hesitate to refer a client to Matthew S. Seidner.

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Masako H.

Attorney Seidner & Attorney Devaney were really fantastic, and they did help me and my children. I could secure and obtain what I needed for us. Without their support, we could not maintain our happy and peaceful life! Thank you so much.

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Claudia G.

Matthew Seidner is very professional. He is a human being with heart and soul. He knows exactly what to say to you in troubled times to make you feel better. I was very stressed out regarding my matter and he was able to alleviate my anxiety. I achieved a lot in a short period of time. My case was resolved quickly and I was able to get much more than I expected. Thank you to Matthew and everyone at the Law Offices of Seidner & Associates.

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Matt presented my position to the Court in an extremely confident manner and, piece-by-piece, dismantled his opponent’s arguments resulting in a favorable verdict for us. 13 years after my initial divorce, I had to return to Queens Family Court to respond to a host of motions by my ex-wife. At first I thought that I could handle the matter myself but ultimately, I made the decision to retain an attorney that would vigorously defend my rights as a father. After meeting three different attorneys, I had the privilege of meeting Matt Seidner. From the initial consultation to our court date, Matt consistently helped me to take emotion out of my decisions and to focus exclusively on the law.Matt Seidner is one of the best family law trial attorneys that I have ever seen and the only attorney that I would consider to defend my rights as a father.

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Johanna K

This isn’t just a “law firm”, they are caring, extremely efficient and most important, always available! I would most definitely recommend them for all legal needs. Matthew Seidner has been a great support for me and my son during a very difficult time. He and his staff have worked diligently to set up Medicaid Applications, Supplemental Needs Trust, Disability Application and countless other legal documents for my family.

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Selwyn W

I could not go to sleep tonight without letting you know how impressive you were in court today. I am still in awe. Thank you for believing in me and recognizing the values of love, commitment and dedication that are inherent in my relentless pursuit to find my kids. It is a leap of faith coupled with grit and determination that I am here to defend my rights to my children. I realize very well that this case is engaging much more time and resources than we would have cared for but I refuse and will not allow money to be a deciding factor on whether I continue or stop. I am prepared to utilize all my savings and sell all my assets if that become necessary to fight for my children. Again I want to compliment you for an excellent job. Despite being grief stricken I enjoy working every step of the way with you. The professionalism and dedication of you and your team is truly remarkable. Please give my kind regards to your team.

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Kim S

The Medicaid process is overwhelming and complicated, but the team at Seidner & Associates made the process easier to understand; communicated throughout the process; and were very responsive and knowledgeable to questions asked. I can’t imagine having to get through this process without such expertise.

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