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Visitation Rights with Seidner Law

Non-custodial parents usually have the right to visitations with their children. Courts do not want to prevent loving parents from spending time with their children, and therefore courts will generally grant visitation unless there are specific reasons to deny these rights. Some of these specific reasons may include a history of domestic abuse, drug or alcohol abuse or other risk factors that are not conducive to a child’s well-being. A contentious relationship between parents is not enough of a reason on its own for any parent to be denied the right to spend time with his or her child. The courts almost always strive to give a parent many chances to prove that they can properly parent their children.

There are several types of visitation that a court may grant. Unsupervised visitation is the most common and is granted when the visiting parent is fully capable of acting properly with the child. On the other hand, supervised visitation is granted when a parent cannot be alone with the child due to concerns about that parent’s behavior around the child. During a Therapeutic Supervised Visitation a mental health professional will supervise the parent during his or her visitation and work to improve that parent’s parenting skills. A report about the visit will often be provided to the court so that it may act accordingly.

If a parent has had his or her visitation rights taken away, he or she may seek to have the rights reinstated by petitioning the Court. The Court will consider whether reinstating the visitation rights will be in the best interest of the child. A New York child visitation attorney can advocate on behalf of the affected parent.

Our many years of experience ensures our clients are met with professional and knowledgeable attorneys who will work to best position your case and further your goals. We have handled cases on both sides involving parents who want increased visitation rights, and parents who seek to protect their child from harmful or dangerous visits. Additionally, our attorneys can confidently handle enforcement actions if your child’s other parent won’t follow a custody or visitation order, and modification actions if a custody or visitation order must be changed. The New York child visitation attorneys at the Law Offices of Seidner & Associates, PC understand the sensitivity of visitation issues and the need to protect a child as much as possible.


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