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Mothers Rights Lawyers

The Law Offices of Seidner & Associates, PC remains dedicated to fighting for the legal rights of mothers. Mothers do not necessarily enjoy a presumption that they are automatically the most fit parent in custody disputes. The attorney that advocates for mom must aggressively and intelligently present her case without taking any outdated assumptions for granted.

Our firm also handles countless situations involving incidents of domestic violence. It remains true that the majority of victims are women and they need a New York mothers rights attorney who can protect them. Our mothers rights lawyers will analyze your current situation and determine whether or not you need an Order of Protection immediately. Further, we will not stop fighting for you until you are safe and your well-being is protected. Because we understand how frightening this topic can be, we will also happily introduce new clients to past clients as a source of strength and support. Most of our past clients welcome the opportunity to offer emotional reassurances to people who are going through difficult times.

“It is our job to resolve your matter expeditiously and obtain the best results possible for you and your children. We truly understand that you are trusting our New York mothers’ rights attorneys to help you and we will not stop working until you are satisfied.”


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