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Contested Divorce Attorney

Most people know that if they are going through a divorce they are also going through one of the worst times in their life. Any time the parties do not agree on everything and force a Court to decide something for them, the divorce is going to be categorized as “contested.” A trained attorney’s job is to try to keep as many cases from going before the judge as possible because of the uncertainty inherent in having a complete stranger make decisions on the most important aspect of your family, especially custody and finances. However, an experienced attorney also knows that there are times when Court intervention is necessary and cannot be avoided. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Seidner & Associates, P.C. settle most of the divorce cases we take but we also have to litigate many others. One thing is for sure: if we are willing to litigate, we expect to win. We do not take losing cases to the Court and many judges and adversaries know our reputations for bringing top representation each and every time. We have won so many cases over the years, including published decisions, that even our adversaries have referred cases to our firm for various reasons.

The process from beginning to end, whether settling a divorce or litigating one, often depends upon the reasonableness of the parties and, sometimes, their attorneys. It also depends on the complexity of the case. Many people are willing to just make a deal and move on with their life and others want to fight about everything. If we cannot settle, we have all of the tools to win a contested divorce. We utilize forensic psychologists, expert accountants, etc. to get the job done. In fact, many times a deal has been reached mid-trial because the other side was aware that our case was presented so thoroughly that a win was likely.

Divorce law really is one of the most fact-based areas of law, which means the law itself is not overly complicated but the facts differ each and every time. Our attorneys know how to locate the best precedent to win and we also learn every detail of our client’s case to maximize the chances of a favorable settlement or court victory. In fact, none of our victories have ever been reversed at the Appellate Court because our case was so well-presented at the trial level.

If you need to get your contested divorce handled right the first time, do not look for the cheapest attorney with the lowest retainer. Look for a firm with an exemplary reputation with a lot of client feedback on independent websites. Do not become entrapped in a “divorce mill law firm” because you may pay a high price in the long run. When your children and/or finances are involved, you need intelligently aggressive representation to either settle in the conference room or conquer in Court.

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