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Family Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce is a difficult experience filled with uncertainty. An experienced divorce attorney can help remove some of this uncertainty and help a person transition to their new life as a single person.

Every divorce is different. Some people, after years of marriage, realize that they are simply not right for one another and can amicably work toward an uncontested divorce. Other marriages end in a flurry of hurt feelings and deep emotions, giving rise to a highly contested matter. Some marriages fall somewhere in between. Since the facts of a divorce are as unique as the couple, it is important that a lawyer take the time learn about an individual’s circumstances, what they expect from the divorce, and what will be considered a positive outcome for this person.

While each divorce is unique, there are common issues that need to be resolved in each case. One issue that needs to be resolved is the division of marital property. In New York, marital assets are to be divided “equitably” among the parties. By law, some property is considered to be “marital” and other property is “separate.” An experienced attorney can explain exactly how each piece of property should be designated and ensure that their clients get an equitable share.

For a divorce involving a child, it is extremely important that an experienced attorney help with the resolution of a divorce. Putting the needs of the child first are important to avoid putting the child in the middle of a nasty dispute. A divorce attorney can ensure that issues like child custody, child support, and visitation are decided fairly with the best needs of the child clearly identified and respected. This way, each parent can have an active role in raising the child or children.

It is essential that your lawyer is well respected and has a successful track record to ensure that you and your interests are properly protected.

– Matthew Seidner, ESQ


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Whether your divorce will be a simple, amicable matter or a complicated, litigated one, at the Law Offices of Seidner & Associates, PC, the goal of our New York divorce attorneys is to help you achieve the absolute maximum results in an efficient manner. Our successful and experienced attorneys will provide you with the benefits of our combined decades-worth of legal knowledge and experience negotiating and trying cases.

In an uncontested divorce, the parties are able reach their own agreement usually without court involvement. In this situation, our attorneys will streamline the process so that the parties can simply obtain the judgment of divorce and remain amicable. We always ensure that our clients understand the full scope of their separation agreement and that all existing and future issues are addressed today. Proper drafting and understanding reduces the possibility for future disputes.

Some people assume that because their divorce is amicable, they can simply represent themselves. While this is certainly an individual’s right, it generally results in less than optimal outcomes for a person. It is important that a person understand just what is equitable under New York law, lest they get taken advantage of in their separation agreement. A divorce attorney can help a party that wants to avoid litigation by ensuring that their rights are respected throughout the divorce process.

Alternatively, in a contested divorce, the parties cannot agree on the terms of their divorce and a Court must decide for them. In this situation, our New York divorce attorneys stand ready to zealously represent you and fight for your best interests. We have successfully litigated almost every conceivable topic that can arise including serious custody issues, high net worth matters, orders of protection, and division of assets. Our attorneys have also won countless motions which is often crucial to the final outcome of a trial.

It is essential that your lawyer have a successful track record to ensure that you and your interests are properly protected. The Law Offices of Seidner & Associates, PC attorneys are not only extremely knowledgeable about the laws but are highly respected within the Courts. Many cases are resolved based upon conferences with Judges and their staff so it is essential that your attorney possesses a stellar reputation for knowing how to position a case from the earliest possible moment. Litigating is as much an art as it is a science so possessing the ability to work well with those who make decisions cannot be under emphasized.

During these contentious proceedings, it is vital that an attorney do everything possible to keep a person focused on what is important in a divorce. These emotionally-charged proceedings can cloud a client’s judgment and cause them to focus more on trying to punish their former spouse than trying to find the best resolution for a divorce. An experienced lawyer can help keep a client focused on what is important and make sound decisions based on logic and the law rather than emotion.

Our attorneys manage an ever-growing caseload of divorces. We take pride in knowing that our past and current clients are so pleased with our firm that they continuously refer new clients to us. They also regularly write testimonials so that they can share their thoughts with a larger audience. Your choice for a New York divorce lawyer may be one of the most important decisions that you ever make so we hope you will do your research because we are confident you will want to become one of our satisfied clients.

At The Law Offices of Seidner & Associates, PC, our Long Island divorce attorneys have significant experience helping clients with all divorce matters, whether amicable or contentious. We work to build trust with our clients that their matter is being given the attention it deserves. We constantly communicate with clients to keep them updated on how their case is proceeding and what exactly we are doing for them. We know that your divorce is the most important matter in your life and we understand the responsibility we have to our clients. For a free consultation regarding your divorce or family law matter, contact The Law Offices of Seidner & Associates, PC, right away.

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