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As Elder law attorneys, we focus not only on planning for individuals, but also in assisting family members who may be seeking legal authority over a loved one who cannot care for himself or herself. As our parents and grandparents get older, they may find it more difficult to handle their own personal and/or financial affairs. An inability to manage ones affairs can lead to many problems. Especially in cases where the person in need of help did not prepare necessary documents in advance, the only option to assist may be through the courts.

A guardianship pursuant to New York Mental Hygiene Laws may be the only solution for someone who has functional limitations. The Guardian is a fiduciary who is held to the highest standards of ethics. The Courts place these kinds of cases at the top of the pile because the subject matter is so important. There will always be a quick appearance before the judge to ensure that the person in need of help gets it.

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Seidner & Associates, PC have a great deal of experience in dealing with the rights and needs of the elderly, and we can confidently represent the elderly or the guardians in such matters. Mr. Seidner was asked by multiple judges in two counties to serve on the Part 36 Guardianship Panel where he was granted a special fiduciary identification to serve as Court Evaluator and Attorney for the Incapacitated Person. He has not only served countless petitions for guardianship but has served judges on these cases by providing reports that they use in deciding how to rule.

Guardianship cases can go smoothly or can be heavily litigated. Our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys will eagerly assist in all situations. We understand that protecting your family is your greatest priority and our experience within the court system will ensure that your loved one is properly protected.


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