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Millennial View on Prenups: Transparency and Protection

Millennials are held responsible for many trends in the world of relationships and marriage, one of them being waiting longer to get married, and another being a rise in prenuptial agreements. It seems that those two trends may go hand in hand. As many millennials choose to wait longer to get married, they are acquiring assets (many of which are not concrete in nature) and debts on their own whereas in previous generations either both parties came into the marriage with nothing and built up assets and debts together or the man usually came into the marriage with much more that needed “protection”. Millennial couples are now approaching marriage and prenups as a team and slowly chipping away at the taboo nature of the agreement.


Millennials now view marriage not only as an emotional partnership but as a financial partnership as well, where each member acknowledges what they are bringing into the marriage. Many partners these days know how difficult financial stressors can be to a marriage so they are willing to approach those conversations openly and transparently before entering a marriage, often signaling the strength of their ability to work together and tackle tough subjects. Millennials don’t go into marriage anticipating divorce, but they are aware of the statistics and the stressors finances may bring up on both parties as most households are now two income ones. Whether or not a prenup is right for you and your future spouse depends on your specific relationship but it is important to remember that it is an option and there should not be a stigma attached to opening discussing this option with your partner. The right lawyers can make the process bearable and even enjoyable.


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