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Testimonial From Ismael R

Wow, I’m so blessed to have found Matt. When I realized things were getting out of hand with my son’s affairs at his home I decided to take action, into this matter. See, my son, is my life. Also he is all I’ve got. I was feeling very powerless, and very emotional about this whole situation, since 99.99% of the people I have spoken to about father custody were telling me that the mother has a whole lot more power than the father when it comes to custody. But, all it took was a phone call and a simple interview with Matt. Wow, he reassured me in such way that it was going to be fine. He immediately picked up his pad, and started to write away. By the time I explain my whole situation, he gave me this reassuring smile and told me, “Ish, you got a case here”. After he explained all, he asked me if I want him to represent me, and I took a leap of faith, and I agreed….Wow, that was by far the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. And may be a year or less I think “cause it went so fast” we won the case. See I didn’t win the case, nor my spouse, but justice was done for my son. Now we are happy together. My son cannot thank Matt enough. Matt God bless you and your family…… Me and my son are forever in ded to you, friend.

- Ismael R

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