Attorney Matt Seidner handled the drawing up of legal papers that would protect my wife and I from losing our home and other financial assets to the State or to creditors as we get older, and that would also protect these assets for our children. For most lay people understanding of the law and the seemingly complicated terms in laws, some of them archaic phrases that few people understand are things only understood by lawyers. Mr. Seidner had a initial conference with us in his office, and then later when we had more questions he set up a phone conference with us from our home. Through every step of the legal process he made sure we understood the different laws pertaining to our situation, and he was very patient as he did it. He has a very talented knowledge of interpreting the law and putting it into everyday language. We felt very relaxed through the whole process, which meant a lot to us.

-Pat F.

I hired Mr. Seidner in 2017 to represent me in the matter of child support following my divorce. He was always very professional, attentive, supportive and kept me informed immediately throughout the case. He was always interested in finding a resolution that would be in my family’s best interest and always made himself available if I had any questions or concerns. He and his affiliates were always there to guide me through anything I needed or had any concern about.

-Vasiliki K.

Matt presented my position to the Court in an extremely confident manner and, piece-by-piece, dismantled his opponent’s arguments resulting in a favorable verdict for us. 13 years after my initial divorce, I had to return to Queens Family Court to respond to a host of motions by my ex-wife. At first I thought that I could handle the matter myself but ultimately, I made the decision to retain an attorney that would vigorously defend my rights as a father. After meeting three different attorneys, I had the privilege of meeting Matt Seidner. From the initial consultation to our court date, Matt consistently helped me to take emotion out of my decisions and to focus exclusively on the law.Matt Seidner is one of the best family law trial attorneys that I have ever seen and the only attorney that I would consider to defend my rights as a father.


This isn’t just a “law firm”, they are caring, extremely efficient and most important, always available! I would most definitely recommend them for all legal needs. Matthew Seidner has been a great support for me and my son during a very difficult time. He and his staff have worked diligently to set up Medicaid Applications, Supplemental Needs Trust, Disability Application and countless other legal documents for my family.

-Johanna K

When I sat with Matt it wasn’t deals and negotiations. He was able to see where I wanted to go, and set a plan on how we could get me there.

I was raising four children on my own for many years. I worked full time and took care of my children to the best of my ability. I received no government financial assistance. However although most would consider my salary decent it was not enough by New York standards to provide for my children solely on my own. I lived with my mother for a few years and then my Aunt and Uncle. I wanted to give my children a home of their own. I wanted to be the only parent.
I had an ex-husband who didn’t pay child support and bullied me. He didn’t provide for these kids at all however I felt he had more jurisdiction then I did.

I wanted to relocate, I wanted to give my children a better life. I wanted them to have a community with lots of resources and opportunities. I wanted to give them a home, something of their own. I needed to reach outside New York , even though it was away from everything we knew. When I had my goals and plan in order I knew I could not take this journey on my own. I am not legally educated. I needed representation that was able to educate me, be honest with me and most of all listen to me.

I went to about five or six free consultations with lawyers in Suffolk and Nassau County. Some told me there was nothing they could do for me and I knew it was because of my income. Then there were some lawyers that could do this if I paid that much or they could do that for that much. We set a plan together and he educated me. Matt was honest with me and he did not sugar coat anything. He gave me the facts to get me from point A to point B. Whether I liked some of things he told me did not matter it was what I needed to know. Matt did not tell me what I wanted to hear, he told me what I needed to hear.

When the entire process was coming to an end and we were about a week away from my ex-husband and I coming to an agreement in court, Matt said to me “as soon as the judge signs these papers you need to make sure you are ready to go.” It was the realization that we did it, that I did it. I broke free from my life going in the same continuous circle and I could not have done it alone.

The last year has been an amazing journey building our lives.. We started off in a very small apartment with air mattresses and paper plates. And now we live in a decent size home that I am able to afford. The kids have stated that they could not have asked for a better way to start life over. We have constancy and contentment. Visitations are set up and I am now receiving child support regularly. The entire process was as seamless as possible given the situation. I was able to obtain my life back and give my children the childhood they deserve because of the legal representation of Matt Seidner and his team.

-Maria F

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