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  • You know that you are in extremely good hands when you come here. That gives us a feeling of security and peace of mind.
  • I am extremely touched by the fact that you saw how emotional and upset I was and you took the time to be very sensitive to my needs and concerns. You kept me calm and with your hard work and great efforts you accomplished the next to impossible!
  • Seidner & Associates was a breath of fresh air after meeting with many other attorneys who were unsatisfactory.
  • Within minutes of meeting Mr. Seidner I had hope for the first time in months. His caring ways made you feel like family.
  • You feel like one of the family there and know you are taken care of.
  • Mr. Seidner’s tireless efforts, research and dedication to us is to be commended. He and his staff are dedicated, loyal, highly experienced and extremely patient.
  • He guided me every step of the way without ever feeling lost, he made me aware of his every move and never once gave me false hope. His work ethic is great, non-judgmental, diligent, compassionate and caring; he is the true definition of an advocate.
  • I have 2 children. Matt made sure that my children and I were taken care of. He is an attorney that truly cares, especially in cases that involve children.
  • If you want to win and see the light at the end, Matthew Seidner is the attorney to hire.
  • I felt very confident that my matter was being handled with the utmost dedication and professionalism.

Recent Activity

  • After a transfer was made from our client’s funds for the purpose of Medicaid planning, a judgment creditor restrained the account that the money was transferred into and sought to execute on those funds to satisfy an outstanding judgment. However, the firm argued that such a transfer was legitimate and that the Court should permit [...]
  • After lengthy conferences with the Court and negotiations with our adversary, the Family Court so-Ordered the Stipulation which settles our client’s contempt petition and our adversary’s downward modification petition.  Our client received all owed medical and extra-curricular arrears in Court and approximately half of the support arrears while the remainder was reduced to a money [...]
  • A recent client of ours posted on regarding her experience with our firm handling her relocation and custody matter. We are proud of her outcome and pleased that she is another satisfied client. She even notes that Matt “is the best lawyer [she] ever had” and that he “did
  • As part of a divorce matter our client sought to relocate with her two children. As part of settlement discussions the opposing party eventually agreed to relocate with our client and the children. The rest of the settlement contained child support in favor of our client and liberal parenting time between the parties.
  • An incident relating to the parties’ matrimonial dispute led to our client obtaining an Order of Protection.  After all matrimonial issues were globally settled and the paperwork was submitted,  our client requested that the Order of Protection be vacated as she no longer felt threated by the Respondent.  The firm’s application to vacate the Order [...]
  • The firm received confirmation that New York City filed an Acknowledgment of Paternity signed by both parents.  The filed Acknowledgment has the effect of avoiding a paternity proceeding if our client decides to pursue child support against the father.
  • The firm received another Judgment of Divorce for our client.  The Judgment awards custody to our client, child support through the Support Collections Unit as well as fifty percent (50%) of all add-ons, and exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence.
  • A contentious support matter was finally settled and reduced to a stipulation that was So-Ordered by the Judge this afternoon in Suffolk County Family Court. Per the stipulation, the opposing party is obligated to pay support on a relatively high income as well as 100% of various add-ons.
  • Our client had several baseless violation petitions filed against her in Nassau County Family Court. After speaking with the attorney for the child and opposing counsel, all parties agreed that the violation petitions would be withdrawn and a final parenting time schedule be set in place, the terms of which were placed on the record. [...]
  • Following the submission of the forensic report in our client's favor, the firm facilitated a settlement awarding sole custody to our client and implementing a limited visitation schedule for the Respondent which respected the wishes of the child.  If the Respondent does not comply with any terms of the visitation, his rights shall be terminated [...]

“Successful Because We Care”
- Seidner & Associates P.C.

long-island-family-lawyer-quote-greenIf you’ve come to our website, you probably have some concerns or maybe just a few questions. Our team is here to help you un-complicate your life when you need it the most.

It’s no secret that Elder, Family and Divorce law are very personal, emotional subjects that can be difficult for families to navigate. After all, it often means major changes in family dynamics and finances.

Finding a New York family/divorce/elder law firm is easy. The real challenge is finding the right group of professionals who can provide sensitive representation that’s thorough, effective, and fair at an overwhelming and emotional time. Often, a case is not simply determined by how bright or forceful the lawyer is, but by how much respect they have within the courts and with other lawyers.

Seidner & Associates, PC, understands the intimacy and complications associated with family matters. Our committed Long Island attorneys will work to ensure your family’s needs are met. Whether you are facing a divorce, a child custody dispute, or estate planning project, you need a law firm that truly cares and has a proven track record of success.

Our only focus is on elder, family and divorce law. We don’t handle anything else; not criminal law, not corporate/business law, not personal injury, or any other area. Our focus and experience maximize your chances of getting the desired results.


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We are proud of the awards and recognition we have recieved for our work.  Our firm holds itself to the highest standards possible and treat every single client as if they were our own family